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Speeding Ticket Court Procedure

speeding ticket court procedureSpeeding Ticket Court Procedure – What You Need To Know

Are you aware what a speeding ticket court procedure is? You read it right. If you think that only criminal cases require court dates, then you might want to read on. This column will help you contest a speeding ticket correctly.

About 95% of ticket holders walking into the traffic court instantly pay the fine with no further questions. This is an obviously massive percentage. No wonder police officers have a habit of issuing tickets sometimes even for little or no reason at all. That just leaves about 5% who are brave enough to contest their speeding tickets and settle for a less-severe sanction. Unfortunately, most of the ones who go to court to contest their tickets get terrified inside the courtroom. They get intimidated by the judge who, for them, looks like a big bully in a black suit trying to talk ticket holders into just paying the fine. Add to that the equally-intimidating presence of the lawyers and prosecutors – so the only thing left to be done is to immediately pay up. The ticket holder should have had a chance of winning the case but ended up blowing that chance all because of stage fright.

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Speeding Ticket Court Procedure – What To Do

So, instead of being too consumed by nerves before and during the speeding ticket court procedure, being more prepared will aid you immensely. Before going to the court procedure, you should check for inaccuracies written by the police officer in the traffic ticket. These include (but isn’t limited to) no affixed signature by the officer, lack of correct car details, and misspelling your name. All these can be used against the police officer – giving you higher chances of having your case be dismissed in no time. In some cases, you might not even need to go to court – depending on how quickly you act on it.

During the speeding ticket court procedure, it also helps to appear clean and well presentable. In other words, the “dress to impress” can be considered a very good game plan. Case in point: the judge sometimes will base his final decision on how well the person dresses – in cases that could go either way. What does dressing properly in court mean? This means avoidance of wearing bright colors (yellow, orange, pink), taking off any hat or sunglasses while inside the courtroom, and not wearing too much jewelry if you are a guy (this means taking off your earrings when inside the courtroom). It also won’t hurt to be courteous and respectful to the judge by addressing him as “Your Honor”. Also, the use of profanities is a big no-no. One dirty word uttered can mean flushing your winning hopes down the drain.

But as it is in certain situations, you sometimes have to rely on luck during the trial. You must hope that the police officer who issued you the speeding ticket will not show up during the court date. If this happens, then the case automatically gets dismissed.

If you find it too expensive to pay for speeding tickets since you feel it is too unnecessary, then the right preparations for a speeding ticket court procedure can benefit you tremendously.

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