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Speeding Ticket Defense Strategy

Speeding Ticket Defense StrategyAre you looking for the best speeding ticket defense strategy? Learning how to build a speeding ticket defense means having to prepare yourself for a fight, which in some cases might end up looking pretty ugly. There are of course legal and “less legal” ways of coming up with a speeding ticket defense strategy, but the best way to avoid having to go through the mess is to be a great driver and not end up in such a situation in the first place. If it’s a little late for this and you know you’re going to have to appear in court, there are a few things you can do.

Relax and breathe in; this is nothing personal, and you probably got that ticket for all the right reasons. Well, not really; after all, you were speeding and breaking the law. But this is not really important for now. You need to start your speeding ticket defense by either going to a speeding ticket attorney or taking matters into your own hands.

You can pay someone to represent you in traffic court, or you can save some money and do some thorough research on your own to look for any possible loopholes in the system. Pretty much anything and everything you can come across of this sort will do your speeding ticket defense strategy a lot of good.

When to start your speeding ticket defense strategy

For instance, your speeding ticket defense strategy needs to start the moment the police officer stops you in traffic and writes your fine. He will most likely ask you if you are aware of the speed you were having, or the reason why you were stopped. You need to play the fool a bit and state you don’t know really. Let him do all the talking and avoid admitting anything. Calmly observe the weather conditions, visibility, the time and the road conditions the minute the police officer starts to write your fine. Make sure you write everything down, but don’t do it in his presence. This is a crucial step of your speeding ticket defense and it can play a decisive role in court. As long as the police officer doesn’t have a nose for what you’re about to do, you are safe and you can start building your defense.

Speeding ticket defense strategy – Basic scenario

So the basic scenario and initial speeding ticket defense strategy you need to follow is to remain as calm as you can and don’t show any emotions. Don’t fight with the police officer who is writing your fine and don’t let him know you are not planning on paying the fine, or the entire fine, anyway.

Let your speeding ticket defense strategy take its course. Prove you didn’t see any proper notice of the speed limit because the sign was hidden by foliage, or it wasn’t posted in compliance with state or local regulations. You can also try to prove (using photographs taken the moment you got your fine) that the weather conditions caused a misinterpretation of your car plates and the police officer confused your car with another one. Your notes will help you a lot, but bringing pictures to the court can do wonders.

You can also try to prove the device the police officer used was not properly maintained and it might have malfunctioned the moment it recorded your car. This speeding ticket defense might be a long shot, because you need to bring solid police reports and manufacturer instructions. For more proven speeding ticket defense strategies click the link below.

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