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Traffic Ticket For Rolling Stop

Know More About a Traffic Ticket For Rolling Stop And How To Deal With It

Traffic Ticket For Rolling StopGetting a traffic ticket for rolling stop has been a frequent violation committed by drivers since the existence of traffic lights. Tickets have been issued here and there for people failing to obey a somewhat simple traffic rule. Some people have already committed the rolling stop multiple times themselves.

A rolling stop, also known as “Rhode Island Roll” or “California Stop” in some areas, is a type of traffic violation. It happens when a vehicle fails to come to a complete stop immediately after the traffic light turns red. Some drivers don’t even stop their car at all. Instead, they just slow down to avoid being stuck in front of the traffic light.

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The rolling stop violation is commonly committed by drivers who, especially during rush hours, choose not to fully stop their cars just immediately after the light turns red on an intersection. Drivers in a hurry unconsciously commit this offense in some cases. They are usually a split-second late in realizing the light has turned red due to haste. This is also the reason most people wonder if it really is necessary to give traffic tickets to the offenders. Most rare offenders treat it like an “honest mistake”.

But if you try to debate on whether the offender should really be issued a traffic ticket for rolling stop or not, it’s actually a no-contest.  If you committed rolling stop, the police officer on the scene has every right to pull you over and give you a ticket. Yes, most offenders commit this violation unconsciously. But still, it’s against traffic rules. It’s almost like being a DUI offender; the only difference is that the DUI will have a more severe consequence.

Rolling stop may become very dangerous since pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists normally assume that your vehicle will come to a full stop once the light turns red. The said vehicles will then proceed to the driver’s path and they may get bumped by a rolling stop violator.

So, the rationale for issuing rolling stop tickets is the same for all other traffic violations: To reduce the occurrences of traffic-related mishaps.

However, there are certain situations in which many rolling stop violators complain about – making them not wanting to pay the traffic ticket for rolling stop. Here’s one instance:

The police officer that is just right behind will pull you over for allegedly doing a rolling stop. The truth, though, is you did come to a full stop during the red light. What makes the officer’s judgment a bit questionable at this situation is when he is just right behind you. Normally, you obey all traffic rules if you are aware that police officers are right behind you. But sometimes, they still insist that you did not come to a full stop even if you clearly did. Aside from that, they give you unreasonably pricey tickets despite their questionable judgment. Some people have even developed a theory that maybe these police officers have some sort of a “quota” for number of tickets in a week. Then again, it’s another issue.

Indeed, the simple mistake of a rolling stop offender can lead to a should-have-been-preventable end of someone else’s life. Bottom line: If there was no traffic ticket for rolling stop ever issued, many accidents could have had happened causing the loss of people’s lives.

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