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Name Wrong On Speeding Ticket – What to do?

What do you do when you find out that your name is wrong on a speeding ticket?

Name Wrong On Speeding TicketThere are unfortunate times when you get pulled over for speeding – then get issued with a ticket. One of the first things you are required to do is to sign it – but then you find out that there are incorrect information on the ticket – it may be that your name is wrong – what’s the best to do if caught up in such a situation? Leave it out and still sign the ticket. Don’t even try to correct the errors of the officer – instead, use these to your advantage.

There are so many myths about you being exempted from the case when errors are found in the speeding ticket – Wrong. While there are cases where this has been true – in general this do not apply to the courts.

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Here’s the fact – it rarely happens that courts excuse minor mistakes on a ticket. Whether the address is incorrect, the color of the car listed is different from yours or your name is wrong on a speeding ticket (misspelled) – there’s almost zero chances that it will result in a dismissed ticket. However, major errors such as the wrong statute is cited, the wrong highway is listed or your vehicle is radically misidentified – are enough grounds to justify the dismissal of your ticket.

Let’s say you were driving a black Ford Escape then the office has put down on the ticket a black Ford Expedition – this won’t still be enough justification to dismiss the ticket. Even if the make and color of your incorrect, the ticket would still hold up in court. But if it was cited on the ticket that you were driving a white GMC 1500 pickup, then without any reasonable doubt your charge will be dismissed.

Another instance may be that the ticket indicates that you were speeding 60 at a 25 mile zone but there was no specific street put down – or that you were speeding 60 at a 25 mile zone at highway X – where there’s actually a higher speed limit than 25, then this could get your case dismissed. It is a fatal error for an officer to put the wrong street or not to put the place or street at all – where you were caught as this is needed to justify your violation.

As mentioned, if the spelling of your name is wrong, your case may not still be dismissed. However, if your complete name is wrong on a speeding ticket like the office put the name of the street you were caught as your first name and the your first name as your last name, then you’re lucky enough to get your case dismissed.

Let the officer use the wrong descriptions of the location, the violation or the identification of your vehicle to the court. Once the officer has significantly presented this perjured testimony to the court, that the best time for you to open up the errors on the speeding ticket. If your lucky enough to find out that the cited highway, vehicle or your own name is wrong on a speeding ticket completely, then this is your sure way to have the charge dismissed.

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