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How to Beat a Speeding Ticket

how to beat a speeding ticketBeat a Speeding Ticket Strategies- Beating a speeding ticket is a strategy that a skilled driver possesses to include in his driving record.

There are several options and reasons to beat a speeding ticket. You can either talk your way out of it or go for a legal resolution. Options include ignoring or giving an intelligent excuse for speeding like a malfunctioning speedometer. Just make sure that the law enforcer is convinced. Otherwise, accept it without a grain of salt. There is a legal system where the issue can be resolved. You just have to be ready for the consequence.


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Beat a Speeding Ticket Tip: How To Act When Pulled Over for a Speeding Ticket

When asked to pull over, park the car at the side of the right lane, maintaining quite a good distance from the cop. Don’t panic. Remember to be composed and respectful. Courtesy and politeness help if you want to beat a speeding ticket. You may start to ask the officer for a little consideration and that you don’t like to waste his time. Tell him that you will be more cautious and that this occasion serves as a warning to you. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little favor. He might just give you one.

In case, your plea falls on deaf ears, there goes your speeding ticket. Examine the ticket thoroughly for any errors that are not favorable to you. This situation will certainly dismiss the case when presented to the judge. Don’t refuse or forget to sign the court hearing citation. An unsigned court order will put you behind bars.

Beating a speeding ticket in court is a long and tedious process. Expediting the legal process to beat a speeding ticket can be expensive. In addition to legal fees, insurance premiums go up and a demerit is stamped on your license.

How To Act In Court if You Want to Beat a Speeding Ticket

When the day of your court appearance comes, go to court earlier than the scheduled time to allow you ample time to talk to the clerk and the officer who issued the speeding ticket. Look your best. When you see him, make a nice approach, and again ask him politely if he can do something about it like dismissing the case. The cop can actually ask for a dismissal.

If he still does not grant your request, the court hearing proceeds. Work your way then with the judge. Establish yourself as a credible and good citizen. When the plea of guilty or not guilty is asked, do not plead guilty. Then, you may request for an extension or rescheduling. Delaying tactics can be employed here. Make it a point to request for the maximum allowable time to delay the process.

If you get the opportunity to ask the officer a few questions to test his memory, at the time when the speeding ticket was issued, do so. The goal is to turn the table in your favor and building the doubt on the judge’s. When this happens, the judge then dismisses the case.

The sure way to successful beat a speeding ticket is to avoid getting it in the first place. This simply means full consciousness and awareness of the law. Drive cautiously and conscientiously.

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