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Defensive Driving Techniques

Defensive Driving TechniquesDefensive driving techniques can be considered as an advanced course in driving. Its objective is to teach a person to foresee dangerous situations. It aims to lessen the driving risks, so you don’t need to beat a speeding ticket.

Effective defensive driving methods provide the driver all the necessary information for improving his or her driving skills. It takes the safety of the driver and the passengers the most important things to consider.

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Below are some practical defensive driving techniques that you should keep in mind and put to good use.

1. It does not hurt to slow down so you should always remember it each time you drive. Speed does kill and it is one of the biggest causes of road deaths and injuries. Speed restrictions serve to provide safety for both drivers and pedestrian alike. Make sure to pay closer attention to speed signs and help save your life and other’s lives as well.

2. One of the best ways to drive safely to pay attention to the conditions of the weather. It is highly recommended to slow down by at least 20km’s during wet or rainy weather.

3. Drinking and driving really do not mix. One of the major causes of road fatality is alcohol. Most people think that they know what they are doing, particularly when it comes to drinking. Nevertheless, remember that even a few drinks can end up losing someone’s life. So, do not drink when you drive and do not drive when you drink.

4. Students of defensive driving techniques are trained to consider the worst-case scenario. For instance, they will expect a vehicle indicating that is will turn will not and a vehicle that indicates will turn will not turn, thus anticipating the worst that could happen.

5. Practice common courtesy at all times. Let others go ahead if they want to so you can avoid problems on the road. Always on the lookout for unknown dangers such as kids playing on the street, animals or other road obstacles.

6. Use seat belts all the time. Seat belts improve one’s chances of surviving on a serious accident.

7. Set your driving mirrors before you set off to get a clear view in both directions. This also avoids distractions from adjusting them while you are driving. Never use your cell phone, flick radio channels and change the CD, which could make you lose focus on your driving.

8. People who are experts on defensive driving techniques implies that the greatest risk happens when a driver finds himself or herself among a huge pack of cars. One thoughtless move by a single car in the pack can affect everyone else. If possible, always steer clear from pack of cars when you drive.

9. Always drive with two hands on the wheel. Defensive drivers always grip the steering wheel firmly with both hands, which helps to ensure maximum control of the vehicle.
10. Avoid driving in the blind spot of another car, which could get you trapped. Keep in mind that if you cannot see the mirrors or other cars, then they could not see you too.

Practicing defensive driving techniques is the same as riding a horse where once learned and integrated they will become habits of a lifetime.

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